Workday - London


Workday - London

This is a 5th floor fitout in an 8-floor building in the prominent location in London’s Broadgate/Finsbury Circus area. Building owned by the UK leading commercial property company, the British Land cooperation.


The building posed some unforeseen challenges as the historic structural steel set out differed between floors and this required further services and architectural coordination as the construction team progressed onsite. The building also utilised an active heated façade that provided heating to the office and this had to be considered within the Architectural design to facilitate thermal movement across the floorplate.


Through detailed surveying of the Base building and CAT.A services at design stage we were able to minimise alterations of primary ductwork, FCU locations and Electrical Cable Trunkings and Trays, this meant a much faster first fix stage for our MEP contractor, AEM and they in turn were able to re-use some of the materials and circuitry which proved a major time saver to the overall construction programme.

Metec Solutions

  • Intelligent Lighting control systems integrated into the linear Track light system to save time and money through reduced Labour.
  • Addition of inline heater batteries on selected section of the fresh air to enhance the heating to certain areas where high volume of thermal air movement was a challenge.
  • Bespoke Wall mounted Linear Lighting for a “Top to Bottom Wall wash” effect on full length Whiteboard walls.

Electrical Services

  • Bespoke Electrical services installation including the following:
  • Dual Dedicated Critical Services Sub distribution boards for the Comms room.
  • Full “End to End” Panduit Cat6A Structural Cabling Solution.
  • Bespoke Linear Wall Lighting.
  • Bespoke Linear Halo Raft Lighting arrangements.
  • Joinery integrated Lighting in key accent areas.
  • Fully networked Access control system utilising Abloy EL560 lock sets throughout.
  • IP CCTV system in key entry/exit areas and critical service locations.

Mechanical Services

  • Bespoke Mechanical services installation including the following:
  • Design of fresh air requirements of meeting spaces and open plan spaces exceeding LEED internal air quality requirements to ensure the wellbeing of office staff.
  • Bespoke mechanical HVAC services design to ensure occupant comfort with respect to the office layout.
  • CO2 monitoring of all occupied cellular office spaces to ensure occupant comfort.
  • Detailed co-ordination of MEP services to ensure optimum performance, maximise ceiling height to spaces and minimise the impact of castellated beams on services for the client.
  • Design of MDF N+1 AC services with additional air change back up in the event of AC failure.
  • Design of domestic water in line with LEED guidelines to ensure water services were designed with sustainability in mind.
  • Integration of the projects building management system onto the clients other occupied floor for ease of control by the client and ensure this was integrated in line with the clients IT security requirements.
  • Design of fire extinguisher services in-line with the latest guidelines.

Project Details



21,000 sq.ft.


Professional Team

MCA Architects

3D Reid Architects


Main Contractor -Mac-Group


Sprinkler -H&K Ltd

Audio Visual - System Video

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