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This 192-bedroom hotel is currently being designed for upgrade to modern standards on a phased basis, and Metec are also part of the Masterplan Team to significantly extend the hotel by demolishing the existing ballroom wing and construction of a flexible Multi-Use Area with bedroom wing above. The services are in place since 1988 and have reached the end of their expected life. The capacity will increase to 280 bedrooms in a planned €45m upgrade, for which planning has been secured.


Designing the upgrade of all services in a live 5 Star hotel provides many challenges, from working hours to phasing to minimise or eliminate disruption to paying clients. Delivering a standard of finish not seen in many projects in Ireland.



Bedroom Upgrade and Fire Alarm/ Emergency Lighting Upgrades throughout the hotel. Enabling Works completed to minimise impact of proposed Extension

Metec Solutions

Full upgrade of TV & Comms and Primary Electrical Services throughout the hotel. VRF Fan Coil systems added to each bedroom, replacing current 4-pipe system. Innovative design for conditioning flexible Multi-Use Areas as a single space and multiple separate spaces. Elimination of gas-fired systems throughout hotel to assist towards the hotel’s decarbonisation policy.

Electrical Services

  • New Generator, New Main Distribution Board and Sub Distribution Boards throughout the hotel.
  • New Comms installation and digital TV system throughout the hotel.
  • General services upgrade to each bedroom, including new LED lighting throughout bedrooms.
  • Full upgrade of Life Safety Systems to front-of-house and back-of-house areas.
  • Phased upgrade of bedroom wings, preparing for future extension of hotel.
  • Integration with Public Realm Works to enhance entrance and kerbside check-in.

Mechanical Services

  • Replacement of current 4-pipe with VRF Heating/Cooling Systems on a phased basis.
  • Upgrade of Bathrooms on a phased basis.
  • Preparation of site for future extension – Enabling Works.
  • Sprinkler system upgrade.

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MSA Fire


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