Signify Health

Signify Health

The project consisted of a 2-storey office fit-out in Galway, where the architect had quite specific aesthetic requirements. The majority of the ceilings, where to be open ceiling, finished to a specific RAL colour, chosen by the architect and with bespoke ceiling elements.


The design brief for this project required the services to be installed in an “open” ceiling, which had their own challenges. These ranged from coordination of all services ( as services would be in full view of tenants), acoustic contrains and coordination of services within baffles and bespoke ceiling fixtures. Internal perimeter façade lighting with colour changing capabilities.

Metec Solutions

The services were designed for installation within an open ceiling.

  • Linear grills were accurately sized to fit within baffles and their associated throws were taken into consideration to avoid the air “dumping”.
  • Coanda plates were installed onto the supply grilles to ensure the air would be distributed comfortably across the ceiling and to avoid the air “dumping”.
  • Acoustic plenums were installed onto the FCU’s intake to ensure the FCU’s would not create acoustic issues for the tenants.
  • Dialux calculations were carried out to ensure the architect direct bespoke light fixtures provided the required lux levels and uniformity to comply with regulations.
  • Internal perimeter façade lighting was installed to be discreet and only visible light would be seen to create a wash of light over the external windows of the building.

Electrical Services

  • Modifications to existing distribution boards.
  • Installation of New sub-distribution boards.
  • Installation of high-level and low-level cable containment.
  • Installation of underfloor busbar system/floor box/grommet/general service socket outlets/small power outlets.
  • Installation of Cat6A structured cabling system.
  • Installation of lighting, emergency lighting & control system.
  • Installation of fire alarm system.
  • Installation of Security system.

Mechanical Services

  • Design of water services systems and drainage systems as per latest guidelines.
  • Design of fresh air requirements, exceeding LEED standard, to ensure the well being of staff.
  • Design of Air conditioning system to ensure tenant comfort.
  • Detailed co-ordination of MEP services to ensure optimum performance and to maximise ceiling height space.
  • Upgrade to existing Landlord BMS system, incorporating the tenants new equipment.
  • Design of fire extinguishers services in-line with the latest guidelines.

Project Details




Professional Team

Architect: CBRE

Project Manager: CBRE

Quantity Surveyor: CBRE


Main Contractor: SISK

Mechanical Contractor: Tim Kelly Group

Electrical Contractor: King and Moffatt

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