Primark Mons


Primark Mons

This fit-out for Primark was their 8th Store in Belgium. The store was over 4 floors, with an existing 4 storeys below ground car parking. The site was in the historic city centre of Mons, within close proximity to existing landmarks, retail units and residential apartments.


The main particular challenge on this store was the stringent acoustic requirements the HVAC plant had to meet.


The store was a huge success, with the results of trading only known once the local COVID restrictions were lifted.

Metec Solutions

To ensure the HVAC plant conformed to the local noise requirements, we specified a chiller which has an acoustic enclosure built round the unit, all the plant was provided with antivibration mounts (AVM’s), attenuators were install on the Air Handling Units (AHUs). In order to meet Primark low energy design requirements and to conform to their ISO50001 protocol, all plant was selected as high efficiency and the AHUs had a low specific fan power (SFP) which in turn helped with the acoustic requirements as fans were running at lower speeds.


Natural Gas Fired heating system.

• Highly efficient air cooled chiller to provide cooling to the store.

• Efficient LED Lighting installed throughout.

• Sprinkler system designed to a ordinary Hazard 3 (OH3)    classification in accordance with EN12845.

• Store equipped with an energy metering and monitoring system.

• Fire smoke dampers installed throughout to assist with the smoke ventilation strategy.

• Feature lighting installed on shop front.

• Mechanical smoke extract system installed over 3no floor of retail.

• 4 Floors of underground car parking, 3 floors of Retail, 1 floor of staff amenities.

Project Details



73,000 sq. ft.


Professional Team

M&E Consultants - Metec Consulting Engineers

Architects - JCA

QS – Linesight



Main Contractor – Sisk

Mechanical - Mercury

Electrical – Premier Electrics

Sprinkler - Mercury

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