Cherrywood Town Centre - Planning Stage Blocks 1,2 & 5. Blocks 3 & 4

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Cherrywood Town Centre - Planning Stage Blocks 1,2 & 5.  Blocks 3 & 4

This residential neighbourhood is located to the south-eastern tip of Cherrywood, at the Bride’s Glen Luas light rail station. This richly integrated residential neighbourhood will include residential blocks, offices, a hotel and a basement retail unit to a grey box standard suitable for future retail applications. There were four main residential blocks within this neighbourhood, designed by internationally acclaimed architects. Our role on the project to planning was specifically on Blocks 1, 2 & 5, and also Blocks 3 & 4. There was a total number of units of 524.


Our role for planning was to prepare an outline yet detailed design to planning and whilst demonstrating how the construction and long term management of the development would be catered for and how energy considerations were to be inherently addressed for this development in line with the requirements of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council County Development Plan 2016-2022.

As MEP co-designers as part of a wider team we were required to set out how the client and the design team incorporated the key energy related requirements contained within with The Dun Laoghaire - Rathdown County Development Plan 2016-2022 by meeting the relevant Planning Polices. With our planning submission it was required to demonstrate how the proposed development would seek to meet the highest standards of sustainable building design such as passive solar principles (building fabric, glazing performance etc), ensure high standards of energy efficiency and use of renewable technologies.

Metec also demonstrated how the proposed development would comply with Technical Guidance Document Part L – Conservation of Fuel and Energy 2011 (dwellings) which is the main influence on standards of energy performance and carbon dioxide emissions in Ireland.


The planning application was successful and the project is currently in construction with the construction MEP consultant.


At the time of planning, it was proposed to use central Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units in parallel with back up gas fired condensing gas fired boilers located centrally in the basement and provide low temperature hot water (LTHW) to heat interface units (HIU’s) in each apartment / residential unit. Small scale CHP units which contribute to the space and water heating energy use is an acceptable approach to comply with TGD Part L (Dwellings) 2011.

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