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BIM Engineering
and 3D Modelling

BIM saves time and money by reducing errors, allowing for better decision making, and giving more sustainable options.
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In a collaborative multidisciplinary BIM modelling environment, issues are discovered and resolved at an early stage before ever reaching site. That considered, it is easy to imagine how efficiencies during construction are achieved as it is considerably faster and cheaper to chop, change and redesign in a 3D model, than to physically do reworks on site.

 BIM & 3D modelling example

Project Design Innovation

Utilising the most powerful and sophisticated software to create 3D models of a design.

 BIM & 3D modelling example
 BIM & 3D modelling example
 BIM & 3D modelling example


Buildings produced or refurbished with sustainability in mind have been shown to improve the engagement, productivity, and health and safety of occupants. Savings can be made in not only energy consumption, but in the cost of operational and maintenance costs.

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Richard Denver BIM Engineering Manager at Metec Engineers

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