MSD Swords


MSD Swords


M&E consultancy services provided with BIM, which consisted of Main Lab & Offices Areas - 100% fresh air, variable air volume, central air handling unit VAV units and local reheat coils and run around coil heat recovery c/w full direct injections team humidification. As the project was one of the first modular built laboratory in Ireland, detailed coordination and collaboration had to occur. The ceiling voids were 500mm maximum, and pinch points due to lower structural beams meant that we had to overcome this issue as a team. As each client has their own standards, MSD were no different, but the level of standards were very detailed.


The building was energy efficient utilised the central utilities connection from the main plant room, optimises a VAV system and achieved LEED Silver.

Metec Solutions

Metec ensured that BIM was used for the project in order to coordinate all services within a 500mm Ceiling Void. We also undertook regular Hazardous and Operability (HAZOPs) review to ensure all plant could be safely installed and maintained.

Metec created a strategy for the plant that all plant, was located in the plant room, and individual ductwork ran to each room. This was to ensure the ceiling void of 500mm was workable, and all maintenance kept away from the rooms i.e. an engineer can access and maintain the system whilst the lab rooms are still operational. Metec undertook desktop training to fully understand the clients’ standards and QA procedures.

Mechanical Services

  • Fume hoods and general exhaust air distribution ductwork with VAV units.
  • Grade D Clean Room with constant air volume and c/w CAV units and local reheat coils and low level VAV return.
  • Utilised modular off-site build (first of its kind within the Pharmaceutical Sector).
  • Constructed from a modular construction approach that maximises the off-site hours and minimises the on-site construction hours, whilst maintaining the Clients required functions and design intent.

Electrical Services

  • LV Schematics, general services power,
  • Control battery system,
  • Cleanroom lighting,
  • ICT services,
  • Containment,
  • CCTV, access control,
  • Fire alarm, sound masking, lightning protection and gas detection

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