A Year of Engineering Successes and Sustainability Milestones

January 25, 2024

Sustainability and Wellbeing: Paving the Way for a Greener Future

In January, Metec's Sustainability Team delved into the differences between WELL and LEED certifications for sustainable buildings. The exploration of these certifications highlighted our dedication to promoting healthy, efficient, and environmentally conscious building practices. Notably, Metec's contribution to the NetApp fit-out at Navigation Square Cork resulted in the first LEED ID+C Platinum Certification outside of Dublin and the 4th in Ireland, showcasing our commitment to achieving the highest standards of sustainability in construction.

February brought reflections on the future of green and smart buildings, emphasising the exponential growth in square footage dedicated to these innovations. As we entered March, our focus shifted to the role of recycled materials in construction projects, aligning with the global movement towards a circular economy.

April saw an exploration of the impact of sustainable office design on wellbeing and building performance. Our team emphasised that sustainability is no longer an option but a critical necessity. Earth Day 2023 became a pivotal moment for Metec, reinforcing our dedication to sustainability in every aspect of our work.

World Environment Day in June served as an opportunity to underscore the importance of energy-efficient building design. Our article emphasised that buildings designed with sustainability at their core enhance productivity, health, and safety for occupants.

In September, we turned our attention to Net Zero buildings, showcasing how they can help organisations reduce energy costs and meet ESG goals. Metec's Sustainability Team offered insights into analysing systems, improving ratings, and effectively reducing carbon emissions.

People and Legacy: Celebrating 16 Years of Growth and Diversity

February marked a significant milestone as Metec celebrated its 16th anniversary. Over the years, our team has expanded to include over 50 Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, along with a specialised Sustainability Team. We've completed award-winning projects across various sectors in Europe, showcasing our expertise in commercial office, retail, logistics hubs, life science, production facilities, and residential projects.

March was an opportunity to celebrate the international women of Team Metec, emphasising the importance of better representation, recognition, and remuneration for women in the construction industry. Our commitment to diversity is evident in our team of over 55 employees from 11 countries, fostering a dynamic and innovative work environment.

In March, Scott Caldwell's promotion to Associate Director marked a significant achievement. As the Head of Sustainability Engineering, Scott's expertise and passion for sustainable design contribute to reshaping the future of building performance and achieving ESG goals.

August welcomed the return of Kwesi Fortune, bringing extensive experience in electrical design, carbon reduction, and BIM. Additionally, Abner Muli joined the Metec team, bringing over 22 years of experience in mechanical and electrical design for Life Science & Industrial Facilities.

Thought Leadership: Sharing Knowledge and Expertise

Throughout the year, Metec contributed thought leadership articles, exploring topics such as reaching ESG goals with building services engineers, passive design modelling for proactive building decisions, and the benefits of BIM and 3D modelling for various development projects.

We also had a guest blog from Joe Delaney, Tritech Engineering Managing Director in which he discussed the relationship between our two companies and our collaboration on the Indeed Capital Dock project.

Award-Winning Design: Recognising Excellence in Restoration

May highlighted an award-winning energy-saving restoration project in collaboration with JCA Architects. The restoration of Belfast's Banks Building for Primark resulted in a 30% improvement in thermal performance and a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

In September, Metec's nomination for the All Ireland Sustainability Awards showcased our commitment to bringing sustainable solutions to the construction industry.

Charity and Community: Making a Positive Impact Beyond Engineering

The year concluded with Metec's Annual Christmas Swim in aid of Purple House Cancer Support on Bray beach. Metec’s brave swimmers braved the frosty waters to raise funds for this noble cause. Purple House Cancer Support provides vital professional support & psycho-oncology services to people affected by cancer.

Moving Forward

As we reflect on 2023, Metec Consulting Engineers remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sustainable engineering, fostering diversity, and making a positive impact on the communities we serve. Here's to another year of innovation, growth, and success in 2024!

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