Primark - Park Lake Bucharest


Primark - Park Lake Bucharest

Primark Park Lake in Bucharest was completed by Metec and opened to the public on 5th December 2022. This was the first Primark store in Romania and was also the first Metec project in Romania.

  • 40,400 sq. ft. of retail space
  • 16,930 sq. ft. of stock rooms, staff areas, ancillary spaces
  • In addition, there is 6,450 sq. ft.  external roof top plant space.


  • No incoming gas supply into the shopping centre
  • With a new region, national and local regulations were unfamiliar to the team.
  • No real language barrier however technical terms were misinterpreted during the construction stage.
  • Extreme variant weather conditions in Romania i.e., +40ͦ in Summer and -15ͦ in Winter, proved challenging during final plant selection.
  • New local contractors employed who were not familiar with Primark standards.
  • Distance-Air distance between Dublin & Bucharest is 2,539 km with a flying time of almost 4 hours. This combined with time travelling to and time spent in the airport, meant a minimum overall travel time of approximately 9 hours.

Metec Solutions

  • Local design partner was sourced and employed to assist with the enforcement of local and national regulations throughout the project.
  • Early communication and collaboration between Metec and Daikin to ensure the specified multifunctional heat pumps could meet and overcome the extreme weather conditions.
  • 3 No. Multifunctional heat pumps were incorporated in the design to provide the heating and cooling loads required.
  • To meet Primark low energy design requirements and to conform to their ISO50001 protocol, the AHUs had a low specific fan power (SFP) which in turn helped with the acoustic requirements as fans were running at lower speeds.
  • Regular Teams calls were set up throughout the project to help overcome misinterpretations on design.
  • Regular site visits during construction ensuring that there was continuous reviews of the M&E installations.

Project Details



57,330 sq. ft.


Professional Team

Architects - JCA

QS – Linesight



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