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5 Harcourt Street


The scope of this project involved extending the building one level and the renovation of the existing 4th floor while keeping the building operational for the sitting tenants. It also included a new lift installation replacement and shaft extension on a phased construction basis. A very complex and detailed services phasing plan needed to be drawn up to ensure their was a process in which the building could remain operational while the works were being carried out. We also completed as part of this project a full renovation of the ground floor foyer and reception area.


Through our detailed planning and phasing strategy along with extensive collaboration with the mechanical and electrical contractor we successful created a new plant deck at the new roof level and systematically moved all plant to the new area and recommissioned. We also successfully tendered the lift replacement projects which is phased and completed out of hours.

Metec Solutions

Early collaboration with electrical panel manufacturer to extend the capacity of the main distribution panel and incoming supply capacity to facilitate the extra floor and new plant.

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