Kevin Bell


BEng (Hons), MIEI

From an early age, I was always interested in high-rise buildings and how they were constructed. My interest was expanded when I decided to undertake Engineering in secondary school. The decision was made to go to college in D.I.T and study Building Services Engineering. Post college I had many jobs within in the industry, before jetting off to Canada to undertake a role as a commissioning agent of building services. Post Canada, I returned home to undertake a position as a design M&E engineer.

I have since focussed on the Electrical Engineering services within building. I have undertaken multiple projects including, residential, student accommodations, healthcare, retail, commercial and educational.

Who am I?

Today, I enjoy spending time with family and friends in my home town of Greystones. I am a devoted father and husband, but still enjoy long days on the golf course or up in the local Wicklow mountains.

I am also a curious traveller, adventurer and still wonder around big cities in awe. Successful Mont Blanc Summit.

Featured Work

I am proud of my work on student accommodation projects and primary care centres, as I believe these projects have improved our countries services.