BIM Engineering & 3D Modelling

More than just a pretty picture !


Client has clear understanding of the Building and its services

Better Planning

Issues worked out before reaching Site

Boost Efficiency

Minimal on-site redesigns and reworks

Reduce Delays

Minimalised project over runs

Cost Savings

Reduce the cost of a project and save money

Here at Metec we consider BIM and 3D modelling to be the biggest shift to Building Services design since the implementation of 2D AutoCAD, 30 years ago made hand drafted drawings obsolete. It is our philosophy that BIM is “More than just a pretty picture”, that it is an Engineering Tool operated by Engineers to produce not only highly detailed & realistic looking modelled designs, but also contains all relevant parametric design information that will get projects completed.

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What We Do

  • Full design of M&E Services through Autodesk Revit and Navisworks
  • High Level of Development (Detail) Design of Models (LOD 350)
  • Production of Intelligent & Parametric Models by engineers containing all relevant design information
  • Quantification and Scheduling of M&E Assets with Model
  • Clash Detection and Avoidance utilising Navisworks Manage Software
  • Planning Stage Models including High Quality Architectural Models if required
  • Creation of Parametric Revit Families
  • Photo realistic Rendered Images and 360 Panoramas
  • Full VR Experience through Revit Live and Oculus Rift

Project Design Innovation

Utilising the most powerful and sophisticated software to create 3D models of a design

360° Panoramic View & VR Experience

Using the latest Software to produce 360 Panoramic Views that can be accessed by project Stakeholders on their own Phones, PC or using via Google Cardboard

Also, full Virtual Reality Experience using Oculus Rift and Autodesk Live Software to give a full immersive VR walkthrough of a project

3D Video of No 1 Georges Quay

Walkthrough of LEED Platinum Plant Design

3D Video of Indeed Capital Dock

Walkthrough of our Model of the Office Fitout

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