Hiring the right engineering team is key to the success of your project

October 10, 2023

The right engineering expertise and experience

When hiring the right engineering team for your project, you need to ask yourself the 3 following questions:

  • For what sector or industry is your building intended? 
  • What are your priorities for the building? 
  • Are you looking for high performance or sustainability and energy efficiency

When choosing an engineering consultancy, looking for expertise and experience in line with the nature of your project is crucial.

You want to collaborate with a team that has a track record of achievement and employs a group of skilled engineers who have a thorough understanding of your business, the most recent advancements in technology, and industry best practices. It’s also a good idea to look for an engineering team that has experience working on projects similar to yours. If you’re working on a logistics or retail project, for instance, you should hire an engineering consultancy with expertise in designing and constructing buildings like this.

Choosing an engineering consultancy with broad capabilities and services means they have the tools and resources to perform every aspect of your project, from initial design to construction through start-up and beyond. It is important to look for a firm with a multidisciplinary team that can bring the necessary elements together and manage the entire process under one roof. 

The right communication and collaboration

The engineering team you choose should be one willing to see you as part of their team too. Make sure the engineering consultancy you are considering values open and transparent communication. Can they answer yes to the following questions?

Will they welcome your inputs and concerns and regularly update you on the status of your project?

Do they have technology platforms in place that will allow all stakeholders to communicate and see how all components of the project interact, especially when changes are made during the course of the project?

The right quality of work

Take a look at the quality of the work and the projects that an engineering team has already completed. With the priorities of your project in mind, contact the people on the team who are the experts responsible for that area. Their level of knowledge, as well as the quality of their completed work will be testament to their expertise, skill, and attention to detail, all of which will be vital to the success of your project.

If there are no client testimonials to be found on the engineering consultancy’s website, reach out to them directly and ask if they can connect you with a client contact who can speak to you about their experience with that team on their own project. This will quickly give you a sense of the quality of work they are capable of delivering, helping you make an informed decision. Ultimately, partnering with a company that prioritises quality will not only provide you with exceptional results, but also ensure that the project is completed efficiently within budget and on time.

The right team for your building performance and sustainability vision

Moreover, it's important to emphasise the significance of sustainability when considering the right engineering team. In today's world, where environmental concerns are paramount, partnering with an engineering consultancy that integrates sustainability and energy efficiency into their projects can lead to not only a greener building but also long-term cost savings. At Metec, for instance, we are dedicated to reshaping the way we approach building performance, aligning with clients who share our vision for a more sustainable future.

Therefore, as you embark on the journey of assembling the ideal engineering team, understanding their stance on sustainability is paramount. Look for those who not only possess technical prowess but who are also dedicated to the principles of sustainable development. By doing so, you are not only ensuring the realisation of a project's immediate goals but also contributing to the global imperative of responsible construction and a better future.

The right DNA

The one thing that sets each engineering consultancy apart is its purpose, its very reason for being. Understanding why a team of engineers do what they do every day will be a key indicator of whether a consultancy can be the one to bring success to your project.

At Metec, for example, our mission is to reshape the way people think about building performance. The clients we work and collaborate with share our ambition to design a built environment for a better future. 

If you would like to know more about Metec and whether we’re the right engineering team for your next project, contact our team today.

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